Get to know Gia


Gia Chacon is a humanitarian, blogger, and speaker. She is best known for her passionate speaking on living out one’s purpose and reaches thousands through the media as “Genuinely Gia.” At the age of 20, while ministering to the persecuted Church in Egypt, she felt the call of God and experienced a radical shift within her heart. Gia decided at that moment to entirely dedicate her life to serving the Lord and has been doing so with a fiery passion ever since. Gia’s ministry and involvement in humanitarian efforts extend from Orange County to South America, and as far as the Middle East.

How I Started

I spent years riding the line. One foot planted in my faith- the other foot dipping into the world. As time went on, my foot that was dipped in the world became more of a ball and chain- pulling me deeper into compromise and heart-ache.

This balancing act is one you might relate to; a struggle with conformity and compromise. I decided I didn’t want to be the same as the culture at the sake of losing my true self.

 I went back to myself; I went back to God. 

A life of genuine love, passion, and purpose. A life of happiness. A life of security. 

I want this life for you too.

I started this page in hopes that even one person, maybe the person reading this now, might find hope and strength to continue on their journey back to their true self and back to God.
If you’re struggling, if you’re lost, if you’re walking the line- you’re not alone. There is strength and hope for you, and His name is Jesus.

 -Gia Chacon

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
Matthew 11:28 

Pictured at a Refugee Camp on the Syrian Border